Latest Notices
  • Entrance test for M.A. English (Semester I) Shall be held on 20.07.18 at 10 a.m in The Multimedia
  • ijhnW ividAwrQIAW ny s. r. srkwrI kwlj iv`c dwKlw ilAw hY, Aqy auhnW nuM AwrjI dwKlw silp jwrI kIqI geI hY pr auhnW ny PIs nhIN BrI, auhnW nuM hdwieq kIqI jWdI hY ik auh imqI 14.07.2018 dupihr 1.00 vjy q`k AwpxI PIs jmHW krvw dyx[ PIs jmHW nw krvwaux dI sUrq iv`c auhnW dw dwKlw r`d kr id`qw jwvygw Aqy sIt Agly Xog aumIdvwr nUM dy id`qI jwvygI[
  • NOTICE FOR OLD STUDENT ADMISSION - Admission to 3rd and 5th Semester will be done on July 16, 2018 to July 18, 2018.
  • Students of 3rd Semester must bring DMC of Semester I.
  • Students of 5th Semester must bring DMC of Semester I to Semester III.
  • *************************************************************************************************************** NOTICE For FIRST YEAR STUDENTS - UG Classes Session – 2018-19
  • Assembly for all first year (B.A./B. Sc./B.C.A./B.B.A./ UG Diplomas) students will be held on 18 July 2018 at 10:00am in college Auditorium.
  • Regular classes will commence from 19 July 2018 as per time table.
  • Admission to 3rd and 5th Semester (All classes) has been postponed to 16th, 17th and 19th July 2018.
  • Forms for admission to all M.A. Music Vocal, Instrumental, English, Geography and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications will be available in college till 19th July 2018. Admission will be done on 20th July 2018.
  • Students of 3rd semester must bring DMC of 1st and 2nd Semester.
  • Students of 5th semester must bring DMC of 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th Semester.
  • Online registration portal is open for registration. Students must apply online and bring printout of online registration form on counselling day.
  • dwKl hox dI sUrq iv`c PIs ausy idn hI jmHw krvwauxI hovygI
  • kwlj iv`c dwKly leI AplweI krn vwly ividAwrQIAW ny guru nwnk dyv XUnIvristI dy portl aupr rijstr krvwieAw hovy jW nhIN auhnW leI kwauNsilMg iv`c hwzr hoxw lwzmI hY[ kwauNsilMg iv`c gYr hwzr rihx vwly ividAwrQI dw dwKly leI koeI AiDkwr nhIN hovygw[
  • All the students must attend counseling in college campus, even if they have not registered on Guru Nanak Dev University online portal. Students absent in counseling shall have no claim of admission.
  • For document required to be presented during counseling click here. Candidate must bring all original documents along with one self attested copy of each certificate
  • Notice Regarding DMC's
  • srkwrI Cu`tI hox kwrx kwlj imqI 28.06.2018 nUM bMd rhygw / College shall remain closed on 28.06.2018.
  • Counselling Schedule Punjabi / English.. Click Here
  • s. r. srkwrI kwlj (ie), AMimRqsr dwKlw sUcnw 2018-19 s. r. srkwrI kwlj (ie), AMimRqsr iv`c sYSn 2018-19 dw dwKly hyT ilKy Anuswr kIqw jwvygw[
  • 1. kwlj iv`c rijstRyuuSn Pwrm Brky jmHW krvwauxw[ AMiqm imqI pMjwb skUl AYjUkySn borf dy ividAwrQI - 30.05.2018 sI.bI.AYs.eI/AweI.sI.AYs.eI - irjlt jwrI hox qoN 07 idn iv`c
  • 2. XUnIvristI AwnlweIn portl aupr rijstRySn krvwauxw[ XUnIvristI dI vYbsweIt SurU hox qy aus aupr AwnlweIn rijstRySn krvwauxI lwzmI hY[
  • 3. mYirt sUcI jwrI (klws vweIz, kYtwgrI vweIj) kIqI jwvygI[
  • 4. kwauNsilMg smyN loVINdy dsqwvyj Aqy AwnlweIn portl aupr rijstr kIqy Pwrm dI kwpI lYky hwjr hovo[
  • 5. PIs jmHW
  • • mYirt sUcI jwrI krn dI imqI, mYirt sUcI, kwauNisilMg imqI bwAd iv`c kwlj vYbsweIt aupr Apfyt kIqI jwvygI[
    • ieh ividAwrQI dI AwpxI ijMmydwrI hovygI ik auh inXq imqI qy kwauNsilMg iv`c hwjr hovy[
    • kwauNsilMg iv`c gYr hwzr hox vwly aumIdvwrW dw dwKly leI koeI klym nhIN hovygw[
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