Guidance and Counselling Cell

Report of Guidance and counselling cell

The Guidance and Counselling cell aims at enhancing the quality of education of students and endeavours to make them well-equipped to meet the demands of the competitive job market. Various activities and seminars are carried out under this cell in collaboration with different agencies like NIIT, IBT, Gyanam, IAS STUDY CENTRE of Amritsar. Students are given full exposure and apprised with the ways and means to prepare for different competitive examinations. A significant seminar on Anti Sexual Harassment Measures by Punjab Police of Amritsar, ‘Himmat Di Awaaz’, was conducted under the cell to provide assistance to college girls. Even a complaint box has been set up in the college where students can drop their grievances and seek support of the authorities. The cell functions with the objective to provide learning or training opportunities in the areas of academics, career enhancement and personal development to prepare students to meet their future challenges. It is committed to support students in identifying their interests and strengths so that they can plan things well.

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