• NCC is a voluntary organization of the Indian Armed Forces with its headquarters in New Delhi and it recruits students from colleges and schools. “Unity and Discipline” is the motto of NCC. NCC is engaged in developing the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. It aims at creating a pool of organized, trained, disciplined, confident and motivated youth with leadership skills, who can serve the nation, regardless of what career they choose.
  • At the present time, college operates three wings of NCC, viz. Army Wing, Air Force Wing, and Naval Wing. Army wing has two platoons comprising of 105 cadets, the Air Force wing has a unit of 20 students, and the Naval Wing has one unit of 50 cadets.
  • The students can join NCC in any of the three wings. NCC students are entitled to avail many benefits like scholarships, reservations in admissions and jobs, especially in state and central police and in paramilitary forces.
  • NCC cadets have to attend 80% of the total parades and 10 day annual camps to become eligible for certificate B and C. Cadets having these certificates are exempted from appearing in the written exam for 2nd lieutenant in the army. They are selected on the basis of interview only.
  • The NCC cadets are issued uniforms and other accessories which they are assumed to use with care during the training period. They also become eligible to take part in the Republic Day Parade.

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