S.R Govt. College

The NCC has three active subunits - Army, Air and Navy functioning in the College. Being the single largest youth organization in the world, NCC provides the cadets with ample opportunities to enhance their character, leadership, initiative drive and comradeship. The wide array of activities undertaken by the NCC include basic training sessions in first-aid, drillĀ  in para signals, home nursing, communication, map reading and weapon training. Advanced training in mountaineering, rock climbing, para jumping and cycling offer the cadets exciting vistas to quench their thirst for adventure. Apart from building sense of patriotism, it also moulds the cadets into able and smart citizens of tomorrow.
Every year around 100-150 cadets get enrolled in total after a selection procedure in all the three wings of the college. The cadets attend camps and those who acquire the prescribed training undertake B or C certificate examination. .


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