Scholarships offered by Government and Institution State and Centre Scholarships

To promote higher education, the Central and State Government extend financial assistance to the students as follows

  • Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC
  • CM Scholarship
  • Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities
  • Central Sector Scheme Scholarships for College and University Students

Institutional Scholarships

For financial assistance at institutional level, every year applications for financial assistance are invited. Needy and deserving students are identified on the basis of the annual income of their parents.

  • Students belonging to families with annual income less than 2 lakhs are shortlisted for assistance at the institutional level.
  • Red Cross, Student Aid Fund, Alumni Association, Sports Fund and PTA fund help in terms of fee books and uniforms.
  • Each One Educate One, a philanthropic organization, also sponsors the needy students.
  • The students who are given financial aid are expected to maintain high academic standard to receive further grants.

Do You Have Any Admission Enquiry?

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