Student Support


Sciences, Computer Science and Commerce Departments have their departmental Book Banks .Books are provided to needy and meritorious under privileged students

Health and Medical Aid

A lady doctor has been engaged by the college authorities for on- call visits and bi-weekly visits in the hostel. A well trained Nurse has been appointed in the college dispensary to deal with the emergencies of the day scholars.

Guidance and Gounseling Cell

A guidance and counseling cell has been set up to provide guidance to fresh students on the choice of subjects. The cell also guides the senior outgoing students about various career options and competitive exams.

Legal Literacy Club

To make the students aware about their rights and various laws meant to safeguard the Women

Grievance Redressal Cell

The Grievance Redressal Cell is monitored by the Principal and the senior faculty members. The students are encouraged to discuss their problems directly with their teachers and also with the teacher incharge of their tutorial groups.The students can also voice their views by putting their complaints in the Grievance Box installed outside the Common Room.

Red Ribbon Club

  • College has a Red Ribbon Club which plays a vital role in spreading AIDS awareness amongst the students. General awareness on AIDS was given through a special tutorial held on 23-10-2013.
  • Our club has collaboration with the Red-Ribbon Club of Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala. Under this, we plan to show clippings on AIDS and carry out special lecture to make our students more aware on this sensitive issue.

Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell of the college is an active body that keeps a constant vigil to ensure that there is no incident of the ragging in the college. Statutory warnings namely ‘Ragging is Punishable Offence’ and is strictly prohibited – are displayed at 02 strategic places in the college and one in the girl’s hostel. Every year, at the beginning of the session, the students are appraised of the negative aspects of ragging in the assemblies and the tutorial sessions. Other than the official anti-ragging committee, the staff members and the student council- all play a positive and constructive role in curbing this menace and till date there has been no instance of ragging- neither in the college nor in the hostel.

Women Empowerment Cell

Women Empowerment cell is active in the college since 2007. Every year certain activities are conducted. This cell works to make the girl students aware about their rights in the society. The students are encouraged to be assertive and lead the life boldly. To make them self-dependant certain activities like cooking, painting, flower making, computer training, and scooter training etc workshops are held. To keep them healthy yoga training is given. Girls are given self defense training also in Taekwondo and judo karate. During these activities Empowered women from different fields of education, law, politics, industry, business etc are invited to act as role model to the girl students and share their self experiences. The students also display self composed skits, songs, poems on the theme of women. The ultimate aim of the cell is to make the students independent and bold enough to face the world.

Youth Club

To break the monotony of the classroom and to explore the latent literary and cultural potential of the students, youth club remains active throughout the year.

Youth Leadership Camp

7 Students of the College participated in Youth Leadership Camp organized by Youth Welfare Department of G.N.D.U. Amritsar. The camp was held from 7th-13th June 2014 at Dalhousie. The students participated in various competitions and won laurels. Tania Mahajan was declared the Best Camper and she also won 2nd position in Extempore competition. Priyanka Debnath stood 1st in Poetical Recitation. Komal Sharma bagged 2nd position in Dance and 3rd in Poetical Recitation. Ankita Mahajan stood 1st in dance while Ashima Goswami got the award of Commendable Singer.

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