Teaching Staff

Prof. Dr. Daljit Kaur (Principal) M.Com. Ph.D.
Department of English
Name Qualification
Ms. Mansi M.A, UGC NET
Ms. Manjeet Kaur M.A, M. Phil.,UGC NET
Dr. Vandana M.A, Ph.D., UGC NET
Ms. Deepika(Part- time) M.A, M. Phil.
Ms. Ekta(Part- time) M.A, M.Ed, M.Phil.
Department of Hindi
Name Qualification
Prof. Dr. Sunila Sharma M.A, M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Dr. Sirjana Vedi(Part- time) M.A(Hindi),M.A(Punjabi),Ph.D. (Gold Medalist)
Dr. Sanjay Chauhan (Part-time) M.A,Ph.D.
Department of Punjabi
Name Qualification
Dr. Sarghi M.A,Ph.D.,UGC NET& JRF
Dr. Manjinder Singh M.A, Ph.D.,UGC NET
Department of Economics
Name Qualification
Mr. Sachin Kalra (Gold Medalist) M.A., M.Phil.
Department of Geography
Name Qualification
Dr. Satinder Kaur M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D., UGC NET
Dr. Jaideep Singh Dhillon M.A, M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Department of Political Science
Name Qualification
Ms. Kuljeet Kaur M.A., M.Phil.
Department of Sociology
Name Qualification
Ms. Nitika Wadhwa(Part-time) M.A., UGC NET
Department of Music(lnstrumental)
Name Qualification
Ms. Sharminder Kaur M.A M.Phil.T
Department of Music (Vocal)
Name Qualification
Ms. Venus Taneja(Gold Medalist) M.A M.Phil.
Department of Fine Arts
Name Qualification
Ms.Paramjit Kaur M.A. UGC NET
Ms. Monica Salaria(Part-time) M.A. UGC NET
Department of Commerce
Name Qualification
Dr. Romy Arora M.Com. Ph.D.
Department of Physics
Name Qualification
Dr. Surinder Kaur(Gold Medalist) M.Sc., Ph.D.
Department of Botany
Name Qualification
Ms. Kiranjit Bal M.Sc., M.Phil.
Ms. Amandeep Bhatti(Gold Medalist) M.Sc.
Ms. Ramanjit Kaur M.Sc.,M.Phil
Department of Chemistry
Name Qualification
Ms. Surinder Kaur(Part- time) M.Sc., M.Phil.
Ms. Monika(Part-time) M.Sc.
Ms. Manisha Gupta(Gold Medalist) (Part time) M.Sc.
Department of Home Science
Name Qualification
Ms. Zeenia(Part-time) M.Sc. UGC NET
Name Qualification
Dr. Babita M.Lib., Ph.D.

*Vacant posts in all the departments are filled with qualified guest faculty till regular appointments.

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