The Library

The Library is a spacious, well-lit and well ventilated with ample sitting capacity comprising of three Reading halls, Technical section, Reference section and Internet room.

Library Timing

The library remains open from 9.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M. on all the working days of the college.


Library has a total of more than 51062 Books which includes a rich collection of Text, Reference and subject Books. It Subscribes to 50 Journals of different subjects, 35 general magazines and 15 Newspapers.


The uses Orbit Library Management System for its automation. It is updated databases of Books, Journals, Students & Staff. Circulation section of the library is also computerized.

Orientation Programme

Library orientation programme is arranged for the new students in the beginning of the session to familiarize them with various library services, facilities and different types of library collection and their use.


Students and faculty members are constantly kept aware of the latest Books/ Journals added to the library through display of selected books jackets on the library notice Board, List of Journals Magazines & Newspapers subscribed by the Library are also displayed on the notice board.

Other Facilities:-

  • Open access facility for Reference & Text Book section.
  • Books Bank facility for economically weak students.
  • Internet facility for students & Staff.
  • Reprographic facility.
  • OPAC- Open Access Public Catalogue (For Student and Staff).
  • Best Library user award for students.

Do You Have Any Admission Enquiry?

For any kind of Admission Enquiry and Registration, Don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate support.